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Compliance Training – Guerrero Osorio Consultoría y Litigio 

Train your team in anti-money laundering and corruption prevention with our Compliance Training

Our Compliance Training is designed to educate members of your organization in anti-money laundering and corruption prevention. We deliver best business practices that enhance your team’s competencies.

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Carlos Fernando Guerrero Osorio

Expert in Strategic Litigation and Legal Risk Prevention

Carlos Fernando Guerrero Osorio is a renowned lawyer with an impeccable career in strategic litigation, risk prevention, and corporate legal management.

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Transparencia y corrupción. Cooperación internacional, derecho penal, «compliance» y otras reflexiones

Cooperation among States to Combat Corruption in the Americas: From Mutual Legal Assistance to Foreign Jurisdictional Participation; Brief Reflections on Criminal Law, Corruption, and Compliance; Modern Discussions on Corruption and Transparency.